Handwritten Dreams Triptych

Drawing is my first love, but I’m infatuated with cursive - with signatures, poetry, and long letters from friends - anything written in one’s own hand. And, I love dreams. I love the dreamers of dreams. A self-portrait, Handwritten Dreams celebrates the hopes and aspirations that we, as children and adults, universally share. It is a drawing, installation, and interactive work that provides the space and time where viewers can pause, reflect, and write their own dreams on paper. Each then pins their hopes to an endlessly growing “wall of dreams” in the symbolically staged 1970’s classroom that I remember as a child. For as a young school girl I was taught to be curious, inspired to dream, and encouraged to record my dreams in perfect penmanship. It made them real. I am so fortunate that my dream of becoming an artist came true, and my goal as an artist is to inspire others to believe in possibility. Reflecting on the great cursive debate confronting today’s society, Handwritten Dreams seamlessly marries the elegance and beauty of line found in both cursive and drawing with the very marks that are the expressions of our individuality and pure imagination.


The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, ArtPrize Nine