Portrait of President Donna M. Randall

This portrait of Donna M. Randall, the first female president of Albion College in its 175-year history, was dedicated during a public ceremony on October 11, 2013. The informal event, part of the college’s weekend homecoming celebration, was attended by hundreds of friends, family and alumni and included remarks by Randall as well as Douglas Goering, Professor Emeritus of Art who introduced the Artist.

During her public remarks, the Artist shared with the audience, “One of the most rewarding aspects if my career as a portrait artist is the opportunity I have of meeting many of the most distinguished leaders of our society. Only twenty-four hours ago, I was deeply honored to participate in the portrait dedication ceremony at the Supreme Court of Ohio. I had the honor of painting Justice Robert Duncan, among his many firsts - the first African-American Supreme Court justice in Ohio in 1969 and the first African-American judge elected to the federal court in the 1970s. I mention this only because today, I am honored to be here at Albion to present my portrait of President Donna Randall - the 15th President of Albion College but the first woman to be inaugurated as president.  Along with my portrait of Jo Ann Davidson - the first female Speaker of the Ohio House of representatives…the portraits of Justice Duncan and President Randall have shared the walls of my studio for the past few months. These are the individuals that change our world, that break glass ceilings, and that inspire those of us who have the honor of knowing them and benefiting from their contributions to our communities and our society as a whole.”

She continued, “I met President Randall only in May but I spent a great deal of time learning about her and from her. I have witnessed her interactions with her staff and with her husband, Paul - both respectful and sincere. And I have listened as she spoke in a caring, loving and passionate way about the students and faculty here at Albion College. Therefore, she stands in the portrait gleaming with pride in her academic regalia adorned with the presidential medallion - holding a diploma that she is about to award to a graduating student. Important to her is a beautiful, commemorative stained glass piece of artwork - a gift from a student, Rhonda Vander Zwaag and her father - in honor of Presidents Randall's inauguration. In her office with the Kellogg Center - one of the original buildings on campus - her view.”

The painting is installed in the lobby of Albion College's newly renovated Stockwell Memorial Library.