The Cloister, Toledo Museum of Art

The Rooms of Wonder series is Ms. Adams personal reflection and homage to those sacred and profane places where her dreams were nurtured. It’s theme is universal…we all have our Rooms of Wonder.

The Cloister is the first of the series. It illustrates her connection with a singular place and her ongoing story through a sequence of events unfolding over time. Considering her development as an artist, Leslie Adams writes, “As a child, the Toledo Museum of Art was my playground. Within its walls and among its impressive collection and exceptional treasures, I was given the rare and extraordinary privilege of beginning my formal art education. It was the Museum that opened my eyes to a world of appreciation for fine art. Like many children before and since, I spent countless hours in the galleries creating memories that continue to influence my life and work. During the Museum’s Saturday classes, I was introduced to and challenged, at an early age, to study great masterpieces. I was taught to be curious. I was encouraged to dream.”


The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio; Leslie Adams: Drawn from Life