Renoir’s Bouquet, A Portrait of Debra Calabrese

Handwritten Dreams (left panel)

Handwritten Dreams (center panel)

Handwritten Dreams (right panel)

R. Scott Trumbull, A Family Portrait

Portrait of Kathleen O’Neill Jamieson, Head of School, National Cathedral School

The Art of Life

Handwritten Dreams Triptych

Portrait of Justice Terrance O’Donnell, Supreme Court of Ohio

Portrait of Dr. Jon Hendricks

Portrait of the Honorable JoAnn Davidson, Speaker, Ohio House of Representatives

Portrait of The Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair, Archbishop of Hartford

Creating Dreams, Third Grade, from the Handwritten Dreams Project

The Cloister, Toledo Museum of Art

Handwritten Dreams, Self-Portrait at Eight

Portrait of Dr. Paul R. Lichter

Sensazione: A Self-Portrait

Portrait of Dr. Joseph G. McCarthy NYU

The Purity of Imagination and Color: A Self-portrait

Connessione: A Portrait of Michael Shane Neal

Portrait of Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer, Supreme Court of Ohio

Portrait of Lynne Loftis, President and Director, Ella Sharp Museum of Art & History

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

Portrait of Justice Frances E. Sweeney, Supreme Court of Ohio

Atties Anatomy Academy, Toledo Museum of Art


After The Ball

Portrait of Mr. David T. Brown, CEO, Owens Corning

Portrait of Dr. Fleming Carrow

Portrait of Gay Deiger

Portrait of Judge Robert Duncan, Supreme Court of Ohio

Portrait of Senator Bill Harris, President, Ohio Senate

Portrait of the Most Reverend Bishop James R. Hoffman Sixth Bishop of Toledo

The Hoffman Brothers, St. Clair Street Studio

Portrait of Daniel Johnson, President, University of Toledo

Madonna and Child with Roses

Portrait of President Donna M. Randall

Young Woman with a Red Scarf

Seated Woman with Scarf

Portrait of Governor Ted Strickland

Portrait of Robert A. (Bob) Taft, Governor of Ohio

Portrait of Mary Thompson

Portrait of Mr. James E. Jones, President, Family Services of Northwest Ohio

Portrait of Mr. Richard R. Solove

Portrait of President Lloyd Jacobs, 16th President of the University of Toledo

The American Twins